Sail as a premium participant

A thrilling experience exploring new destinations on a unique wooden ship
Embarking as a premium participant is like embarking as a normal participant, but with some key advantages:

You choose when to participate

If you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night for a sailing watch, if you don’t feel like participating in the cleaning tasks or don’t want to climb up the mast, as a premium participant you can choose when you participate and when not.
More Time During The Trip Freetime Premium Participant Passenger Atyla Ship

More free time while in the ports

In most stops at harbours, we do public activities, open doors and deck events. As a premium participant, you won’t have to help in these and will have all the time to explore the city, coming back to the ship whenever you want.
No Limitations Language Physical Condition Premium Atyla Ship

Fewer language or physical limitations

If your level of English or your physical condition don’t allow you to participate fully, as a premium participant you have no problems.

10% of your contribution is a donation

To our Scholarship Fund, which allows people with fewer economic resources to participate in our personal development trips.

Apart from this, the activities on board are the same as for normal participants. See this page to read about them.

"I loved how professional the crew was. I enjoyed every moment on the ship and I will remember it all my life.”

Joseba C. 48 years old, Spain

“It was my first time sailing on a tall ship, and it was a wonderful experience. The whole atmosphere on board was awesome.”

Oleksandra K. 35 years old, Ukraine

“A beautiful experience of intercultural coexistence. I highly recommend it.”

Philippe R. 61 years old, France

“The good vibes on board are remarkable.”

Ellen G. 53 years old, Australia

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