Scholarship Fund

Not having the money shouldn’t stop you from joining our adventures

Those who joined our trips know that the Atyla experience offers life lessons that can be very useful to most people.

It would be a pity if our trips were limited to those who can afford the price. That’s why we offer financial help to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

What are the requisites?

  • Wanting to participate in one of our trips and knowing what they are about.
  • Lacking the financial means to cover the cost of the trip (and being able to provide proof of your income + your parents/guardians in case you are under 25).
  • Being able to show examples of personal merit (of course within your possibilities).
  • Being willing to participate in a video interview about your experience on board, and allowing us to publish it.
  • Filling out our application form and being patient until it’s processed.  In case of being approved, being able to wait until the necessary funds become available (enough donations received).
If you’re not sure you fit all the requisites, but you really want to join, you can join as a winter volunteer and earn sailing credit. This is compatible with applying to this fund.

Financial aid is prioritized for people without sailing experience. If you have experience and you want to develop a career in the maritime industry or the field of personal development you can apply for a position as crew member.

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Where does the money come from?

From donations: 100% of all monetary donations that we receive go to this fund. So, if you know people capable of donating, talk to them about our project and show them our Donate page.

Make your contribution to this fund

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Other ways of funding your trip

If you are 30 or younger:
We collaborate with an organization that offers financial aid to participate on our trips. This grant don’t always depend on the level of income, so it might be a good alternative:

  • The Youth Fund from STAG: If you are up to 27 years old, or up to 30 and a student, you can get 23~33 euros per day on board. It’s quite easy to get it.
If you want to use your own initiative:
There are many other ways to get the funding for your trip, here are some ideas to give you some inspiration:

  • Start a crowdfunding campaign in an online platform like
  • Tell your friends and family that, for the next celebration, you want your gift to be an Atyla Gift Card.
  • Search for organisations in your local community that can become small sponsors of your adventure. You can compensate them, for example, by creating a T-shirt that you’ll wear during your trip and thanking them on social media.

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