Youth Funding from S.T.A.G.

Funding for your trip on Atyla, in case you are 30 years old or younger
Sail Training Association Germany (S.T.A.G.) is a non-profit organisation with more than 4000 members that promotes sailing activities like ours.

Atyla is one of the member organisations, and all our trips qualify for the S.T.A.G. Youth Funding, that means you can take advantage of this Funding if you are doing a trip with us.

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FAQ about the funding:

What are the requirements to get the funding?
  • You need to be 27 years old or less. Or you can be up to 30 if you are still a student (proof of enrolment must be provided).
  • Your income (the per-head income of your household before taxes) has to be less than 1600€ per month.
  • You need to be (or become) a member of S.T.A.G. (see details below).
  • No, you DON’T need to live in Germany or speak German to get the funding.
How much is the funding?

Depending on your monthly income, between 23€ and 33€ per day on board:

  • Income up to 700 Eur = 33 Eur/day
  • Income up to 1100 Eur = 28 Eur/day
  • Income up to 1600 Eur = 23 Eur/day

This is money that you have to first spend on the trip, and they send you that money directly to you after the trip (so if you have a 100% scholarship from our Scholarship Fund you can’t get this funding).

How do I apply?
  1. Go to the online form on their website. It’s in German, so you’ll have to translate the page with your browser (Right-click > Translate page).
  2. You’ll have to include the details of your booking on Atyla (you can download our booking confirmation on PDF to send it on the application).
  3. If you’re not a member of S.T.A.G., you’ll have to become one (see here the cost and how to do it). You can tell them that you only want to become a member if you get the funding, to avoid the risk of actually losing money with this (but trust us: if you qualify, you’ll for sure get the funding).
When can I apply?

You can apply as soon as you book your trip, and as late as 4 weeks after the end of the trip.

The funding committee meets every 3 months to decide about all pending applications. You will be informed about their decision via email.

Do I have to do something in return?

Yes. In return for the funding, S.T.A.G. asks you to some kind of outreach work: a report about your trip for their newsletter, a video about your trip for social media, a presentation at your school, or anything else that you can think of to promote the world of sail training.

You need to do this within 3 months of finishing your trip. The moment they receive it is when they send your funds.

(Remember, if you want to translate the page: Right-click > Translate page)
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Do you have more questions?

You can see the official page about the funding or email

We (Atyla Ship Foundation) created this page to spread the word about it, but we have nothing to do with the funding itself.

You can definitely trust S.T.A.G. it’s a super generous organization we’ve been working with for years, and we would trust them with our lives. They have given funds to many of the participants we had on board over the years, and they always received the money as promised.

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About becoming a member of S.T.A.G.

Can anyone become a member?

Yes. You DON’T need to be German, live in Germany, or speak German to become a member.

How much does it cost?
  • If you are 27 years old or less = 30€ per year
  • If you are older than that = 60€ per year
Do I need to stay a member if I get the funding?

No. You can become a member to get the funding, and then cancel your membership whenever you want.

Some people choose to stay, or become members again later, to help to fund other young people that want to go sailing. But, of course, that’s entirely up to you.

How do I become a member?
  1. Download and fill out this form. Is important that you sign it properly.
  2. Send it per email to
  3. As you can see, the application form includes a SEPA mandate, so that they can charge you the annual membership fee. If you don’t have a European bank account, you’ll have to transfer the fee manually. Please let them know when sending the form, and they’ll tell you how to transfer the money.
What does S.T.A.G. win from this?

They are a charity so, even if you just sing up to get the funding and cancel your membership right after, they are still fulfilling their mission to help young people to get sailing experiences.

Luckily, they have more funds than the number of applications they receive and it’s easy to get the funding if you meet the criteria, so you can take advantage of that.  That’s also why we took the time to create this page to spread the word about it.

Obviously, if you stay as a member for many years and don’t apply for more funding, you’ll end up contributing more than what you initially received, but that’s your choice.

Do you have more questions?

Here is their official page about becoming a member.

Please email, or visit the contact page on STAG’s website.

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