About bedding and sustainability

Why since 2022 we ask participants to bring a sleeping bag

How was it before?

Until 2021 we gave everyone on board a bedding set (fitted sheet + duvet + blanket + pillowcase).

This was part of our goal to give the participants some comfort (since the sailing experience by itself ofter challenging and uncomfortable).

Why was that a problem?

After every trip, our permanent crew had to wash a big amount of bed sheets. This was one of the most time-demanding tasks they had in port.

There are many other tasks in port, most of them more important (shopping for food, refuelling the water tanks, welcoming the new participants…)

We also like to do open doors and events on board when we stop, which forces us to bring the sheets to a laundromat and put them in a drying machine. This takes even more time and is not very eco-friendly.

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How is it now?

We ask all our participants to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow case with them to use it during their time on board. We still have a bed sheet covering the mattress, but that doesn’t necessarily get changed after every trip (and if it does, it’s much smaller than the entire set).

For those who find it too hard to bring a sleeping bag (they don’t have one and can’t borrow one, or their travel arrangements make it too complicated to bring one), we offer the option to get a set of bedclothes from on board for 35€.

To prove that the motivation behind this is not economic, those 35€ will be used for our Financial Aid Fund.

Atyla Embarkation Day Beds Explanation Bunks Cabin Cabins Rooms Interiors Crew Kasia Poland Life Onboard

Human sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart the Atyla ship Foundation. We try to contribute to our environment, not damage it.

Our environment also includes the people involved with the charity, and the crew is a very important part of it because they keep our program alive and they make the experience on board what it is.

That’s why we want to make the experience sustainable for our crew, so that it can add value to their lives, and keep them healthy and happy.

We hope you can understand and support this change. We know that our crew will be thankful.

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