Covid-19 protocol

* This page is only about the measurements taken to prevent the spread of the disease.
For the cancellation policy on cases of Covid-19 please see this page for day trips and this page for multi-day trips.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) protocol in place:

Organisational measures:

  • Fair cancellation policy: To prevent infected people from joining out of fear of losing their money.
  • Reduction of the number of people joining the trips: We normally allow a maximum of 80 people on board for day trips and 24 for longer trips. Right now the capacity is reduced to 12 people + the permanent crew.

General measures aboard the ship:

  • Pre-embarkation Covid-19 form for prevention and traceability: It must be filled out by every person embarking the ship.
  • Increased cleaning measures: The ship is cleaned regularly with a cleaning product that kills viruses. When cleaning, we take special care of surfaces that are often touched.
  • Hand-sanitizing: The first thing we do with people entering the ship is giving them hand-sanitizing liquid. We ask everyone on board to wash their hands regularly, and especially before the meals.

Measures for deck events and day trips (Atyla.org/excursions):

  • Initial guidelines: Everyone on board is asked to remain on deck as much as possible, and always keep distance from the other people/groups on board.
  • Masks on board: If local laws required to wear a mask to walk on the streets, guests on board will be required to wear a mask all the time unless they are drinking or eating.
  • Action protocol for day trips: We have a full protocol of actions to be taken on board in cases of infections of any crew member. The crew is fully trained and informed of what to do in any situation.

Measures for long trips (Atyla.org/trips):

  • Temperature check-ups of the people embarking.
  • Antigen tests before embarking: We have antigen tests available on board (saliva tests, which don’t require a nasal swab). Everyone will have to get tested on embarkation. Atyla ship Foundation covers the cost of this test.
  • Action protocol for navigation: We have a full protocol of actions to be taken on board in cases of infections of any crew member. The permanent crew is trained and informed of what to do and will inform participants accordingly.
  • Reduction or elimination of public visits and events in port: To reduce the chances of infection. In case that an event or visits are arranged during your stay on board, you’ll be informed in advance, and will be given the chance of leaving the ship or staying inside the ship during that time. Visitors never go into the private quarters of the people living on board.


Measures that could be added to the protocol:

In case the number of deaths due to Covid-19 doesn’t go down, and the legal restrictions for activities like ours rise, apart from following the laws and the requirements of the health authorities, we might implement some or all of the following measures (of course, everyone involved will be informed accordingly):

  • Extra awareness of the distances kept between the people on board, and with people from outside the ship.
  • PCR tests: For everyone embarking (unless they are vaccinated). In this case, participants will have to cover the costs of the test themselves. We can help arrange the test for you if necessary. We cover the costs of testing our permanent crew.
  • Face masks on board: We hope not to have to implement this measure, but it has to be on this list in case things get very bad. Even if implemented, this rule would most probably be to only require the masks when inside the ship, not when on deck.

Hopefully, the pandemic will be more “under control” by the time we start sailing, and we won’t have to implement most of these measurements, but health and safety come always first. In any case, all participants will receive an email 2 weeks before the trip, with the exact measurements that will be implemented on their voyage.

Finally, if any trip needs to be cancelled, it will be indicated on this page, and everyone with a booking will be informed per email and compensated according to our cancellation policy.

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