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As a venue for events, Atyla is exciting, impressive, and clearly unique. Suitable for corporate events and private clients, itโ€™s the perfect location for a celebration your guests will always remember.

Atyla hosts dozens of public and private events every year. Our cheerful crew are experts at creating a welcoming and lively atmosphere.

Can I celebrate an event on a ship?

Yes, you can!

Host your event onboard our historical ship and surprise your guests with a very exclusive event location.

An event on a sailing ship, like Atyla, might not be the fanciest location, nor the most convenient. But it is definitely the coolest place to have an event.

The key advantage of doing an event on our boat: it has the advantages of being an outdoors location (fresh air, nice views, plenty of space, possible to smoke…), and also the advantages of an indoor space (bathrooms with running water, the option to be protected in case of rain, bar with drinks, indoor spaces for smaller meetings…).

And the best is that, while you enjoy an event on our ship’s deck, you’ll be supporting our charity.

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Host your event docked or sailing

  • Certified capacity for 80 people (including at least 5 crew)
  • 150m2 deck space to fit everyone comfortably
  • Enough seats to fit everyone
  • Deck with no obstacles for better accessibility
  • Canopy to cover in case of rain
  • Lights for night events
  • Speaker with 2 microphones for music, speeches, etc.

Food & drinks

During your event we offer a bar with all sorts of drinks.

We also offer some food options (Spanish tapas and Paella).

Of course, you can also hire an external catering service.

The perfect event location for…

  • An elegant reception
  • A branded public event
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Movie/series filming
  • A nautical wedding
  • A burial at sea
  • A pirate party
  • A birthday celebration
  • A live concert
  • and whatever you envision

Get a quote for your event on board Atyla ship

Important: Before getting in touch, please take into account where the ship is going to be in your desired date(s).

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