List of donors

Contributors to build a better society

Main donors

La Hoguera: Since 2014 they provide us with cold cuts (chorizo, serrano ham, etc.) for the entire year for the crew and to offer to people that make donations on board.

Sail Training Association Germany: Since 2015 they have donated us money multiple times.

Orange Consultores: Since 2018 they provide us with 360º consulting at cost price.

Irudek: In 2018 they gave us high-quality full-body harnesses for everyone on board.

Bizkaia Esnea: Since 2018 they give us milk for the entire year for everyone on board.

Other donors

Itsasmuseum Bilbao: Since January 2015 they’ve given us a mooring place in the centre of Bilbao that has become our home.

Action-io: Since the beginning of the project, they have helped with many technological aspects and website development.

SolyEco: Since 2016 they provide us with biodegradable cleaning products, soaps and recycled toilet paper.

Isabel Sáez: In 2020 she helped us build this beautiful website.

Hempel Paints: In 2016/17 they gave us all the paint that we needed for the entire year.

Eco-Sistems: In 2017 they provided us with a freshwater maker.

Karle & Fuhrmann: In 2015/2016 they provided us with tools, and working spaces in their Marine Repair Centre in Bremerhaven.

Lanex: Since 2014 they provide us with high-quality ropes at a reduced price.

City of Bremerhaven: During our 6 months stay in 2015/16 after our engine rupture, they made us feel at home and raised money for us several times.

Individuals donors

  • Laura T.
  • Javier G.
  • Gorka U.
  • Ken F.
  • Richard W.
  • Faima R.
  • Clara E.
  • Birte W.
  • Vera S.
  • Clément S.
  • Íñigo L.
  • Christianne R.
  • Emma H.
  • Andrew D.
  • Asta L.
  • Amelie C.
  • Samantha R.
  • Lex E.
  • Olaf K.
  • Krzysztof H.
  • Sasha V.
  • María B.
  • Antonio S.
  • Chris W.
  • Noé G.
  • Bert L.
  • Dirk G.
  • Sylvie B.
  • Rafael S.
  • Alexandre W.

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