Visit Atyla Ship in Bilbao

Join the public visits. Info about dates, opening times and prices here:

We are in the sailing season!

These public visits take place whenever Atyla is in Bilbao. This is normally during the winters, from October to April.

You don’t know if the ship is in Bilbao? Do you want to know when the ship will be back? Check the Ship’s timeline.

Opening hours

Atyla ship is open for public visits every Saturday from 10:30 to 13:30.

Price & ticket sales

The entrance ticket to Itsasmuseum includes a free visit to Atyla.

Visiting just the ship costs 2€.

In both cases, the ticket has to be purchased at the museum’s reception.


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About the visit

The visit includes a self-guided tour around the deck (and, in rare occasions, the ship’s living room).

On the welcome video you’ll see the ship in action, with a voice explaining the basics of what we do while sailing around the world.

There are also several banners with information about the different parts of the ship, as well as questions to make you reflect and imagine the adventure on board.

Day trips on the estuary

We sometimes do short excursions sailing down the Estuary of Bilbao, and coming back to the Itsasmuseum on the same day.

More information on this page.

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