Become an ambassador

Do you also think that life skills are crucial for our society?

Life skills ambassadors

Become an ambassador of our charity and join our mission to promote skills like emotional intelligence, critical thinking, teamwork and courage.

Spread our message* around the world:
You can do it on social media, giving talks, talking to the media, creating content, looking for support and donations…

*As an ambassador you’ll be promoting our mission, not necessarily Atyla Foundation as such. Part of the materials we’ll provide don’t include mentions to Atyla.

You can start today

Here some ideas of things you can do now to support our mission:

  • Start a conversation about life skills: Pick one of the skills that we promote and ask someone, for example, “How good do you think you are at it?”, “How important do you think it is in your life?” or “How important do you think it is for the world?”
  • Write on social media: It can be about life skills, about Atyla as an organisation, about our trips… Whatever inspires you. If you want you can use #AtylaShip, and tag us with @Atyla_ship. Here links to our Insta, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Hang up a poster in a visible place: Check out the posters in this folder, you can print them at home or at a print shop (maximum size DinA3) and hang them wherever you think many people will see them. If you own or have friends at shops, bars, restaurants, you can also hang them there.
  • Make a fundraiser: The easiest way is with a fundraising post on Facebook (it gives the option to fundraise for a charity like us). Get in touch if you want to organise an actual charitable event: a workshop, a concert, a run…

Apply here to become an ambassador:

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