Do you like adventure?

Join the crew of our historic sailing ship and be part of a unique experience

Do you like adventure?

Join the crew of our historic sailing ship and be part of a unique experience


in all activities on board, learn new things and improve your soft skills


the routine, get away from your phone and connect with nature


a truly bonding experience with adventurers from different places

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A unique & authentic experience, why?

The ship is absolutely incredible

Made entirely of wood by a group of adventurers. Built to circumnavigate the world. Inspired by 18th century ships. Atyla is the last historic ship to be launched in the Basque Country (Spain). An impressive ship with an incredible history.

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You really sail the ship yourself

When we say that you embark as crew, it is really like that. From the first day you will take the helm, hoist the sails with the other participants, follow the ship’s route on the nautical chart… Regardless of your previous experience.

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A selected crew to guide you

At Atyla we select a crew of adventurers who inspire confidence, friendliness and empathy. In addition, the people who participate in our trips are adventurous, curious and have interesting lives. You come for the ship, but you will love it because of the people. Ship's Crew, Professional Crew, Atyla Sailing Ship, Conficence Warth, Build Trust, Learn, Soft Skills

Learnings that stay with you for life

Our program uses 4 tools from the field of personal development, combined with the unique context of a sailing a traditional ship as part of the crew. This creates moments of learning and deep reflection that would be impossible otherwise, and helps generate new insights and perspectives.

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In touch with nature

We’re on deck to steer the ship, even if it rains. We pay attention to the wind to adjust the sails. The sea splashes the deck when there are waves. Dolphins swim with us. In good weather, we can jump into the water for a swim. And at night we can see the stars without any light pollution. In Touch With Nature, Swimming With Dolphins, Sea Mammals, Sighting Cetaceans, Sunsets, Sunrises, Watching The Stars, Rain, Weather, Ocean Sailing

The challenge is real

The experience also has difficult parts, and we don’t hide them: The sleeping is in group cabins, if the sea is rough you can get seasick for a while, comfort is limited, you have to help with the cleaning… All these, we take as challenges that help to make the experience more authentic and deeper.

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The ship Atyla and its history

Atyla is a wooden schooner built in the 80’s to circumnavigate the earth following the Magellan-Elcano route. It was built following the designs of the sailing vessels of the XVIII century and it’s now classified as historic.

Today Atyla is the only wooden ship of its kind that does adventure sailing trips internationally.

Want to learn more about this unique sailing vessel?

Updated interiors plan rooms cabins facilities tanks beds bunks toilets bathrooms heads kitchen Atyla Ship Foundation

More than 2000 people embarked. More than 170 adventure trips done.

Since 2013 in continuous improvement leads to reviews like these:

Alex ThalmannAlex Thalmann
11:10 14 Dec 23
One of my best experiences sailing so far. Atyla does not only provide a safe space for adventures but also... attracts a unique group of people to share the experience with. Highly recommended 🙂read more
Kaisa OrgusaarKaisa Orgusaar
14:44 07 Dec 23
For me, it has been three years with Atyla and every year I must admit that Atyla has managed to create something... special - the community that makes Atyla is extraordinary. Having sailed other ships I haven´t met any other with such an amazing attitude and a possibility for learning. You are doing a good thing!read more
12:26 05 Dec 23
I traveled on the Atyla for five days last summer. I have to say that, as an author that has been writing pirate... stories for so many years, it was about time I had the full tall ship experience. My expectations were high and they delivered.I got to meet so many lovely people, the crew kindly answered all of my questions, and you can probably imagine I had a LOT of those.Basically, every experience I was hoping I would have the chance to live, I did. I got to sail during the day and at night, man the helm, learn about the rigging, go up the mast, learn knots, see dolphins, handle the sails, learn about navigation, safety in the sea, meet a bunch of super cool people, help keeping the ship clean and in optimal conditions, it was very intense and very cool. Granted, I got some bruises and got a little seasick too at first, but that's part of the whole experience I think, haha.Amazing experience, I'll certainly be joining the crew again soon. Recomended more
rafael cuesta pastorrafael cuesta pastor
09:40 30 Nov 23
A fantastic experience, based on love of the sea, respect and without forgetting that it is a civil training ship,... with an international crew, young, but with a spirit of learning and sharing, not suitable for those who, for paying, go on a more
Olatz ObietaOlatz Obieta
21:18 29 Nov 23
Getting to know life on a large sailboat was quite an experience, and the crew was wonderful. I will surely return.
Christof BrockhoffChristof Brockhoff
20:00 24 Nov 23
I have sailed on Atyla as an officer for an entire month. From all the boat's I have worked on, Atyla offers by... far the most authentic traditional sailing experience. Even more so, Atylas crew guides participants to translate the profound treasures of the ocean into meaningful aspects of their lives on land. Join them to unlock the transformative power of the sea and integrate its lessons into your personal and professional growth more
Itxaso AhedoItxaso Ahedo
11:03 09 Nov 23
It is worth getting closer and I think it is very beautiful to see. I have not sailed on this boat but I intend... to. I think it can be an interesting more
Teresa GbTeresa Gb
13:38 18 Sep 23
Spectacular schooner. We took a trip of several days and it was the best experience of my life. The people, the... crew, the atmosphere, everything we more
12:25 25 Aug 23
Michelle MartĂ­nezMichelle MartĂ­nez
20:49 19 Aug 23
We went on a three-hour sailing tour around the rĂ­a of Muros. What a lovely ship and friendly crew! They were very... hard working and yet also very attentive to any needs we may have had. One of the crew members even gave a passenger some ginger root to chew on because she was feeling a bit seasick. They were multilingual as well, which I felt was a big plus. We were very lucky with the weather because it was sunny and warm. Altogether it was a great trip. I would definitely repeat it in the future if possible. I wish them luck in the tall ship race in A CoruĂąa!read more
11:23 15 Jul 23
Very beautiful boat, crew at the top, super nice this trip at sea in Boulogne sur Mer this July 14, 2023. Go there... really you do not more
We got a super nice tour though the ship and got really enthusiastic to learn more so we booked a three day sea... sailing course. Then covid blocked our plans and then we got pregnant and now we have a baby and wait till she's big enough to go with us. Back on the bucket list!read more
Ethel RosenfeldtEthel Rosenfeldt
18:41 29 Nov 22
Sailing experience with Atyla was just life changing! Its not only the freedom of the sea, the awesome places... visited and the gorgeous ship itself, but the people on it, running it and experiencing it. The soul of Atyla is its people and they are for life! And of course the most magical food, sail training, playful dolphins, glowing waters (bioluminescence), swimming in random places while anchoring and all the hard work with the loveliest people sums up as the best memories for life. If you are in doubt to choose, then this is your sign and it is time for yourAtyla adventure story to tell others!! LOVE LOVE LOVE for this ship and humans!read more
Frin WolterFrin Wolter
12:42 14 Oct 22
Worth every Penny. Not a cruise-ship but an experience for adventurers ! I enjoyed it very much.The crew members... are great people, super friendly and helpful. They teach you how to manage everyday on the boat and are full of advice for life at sea. On Atyla, you are likely to have a once in a lifetime experience, that is challenging but also rewarding.You don't need prior experience to fit in, it can be your first time at sea. You will learn how to steer the boat, climb the masts, pull the ropes, make knots, fishing, deck scrubbing, and much more
Kate C (Kat)Kate C (Kat)
15:03 13 Jan 22
Atyla is a beautiful ship managed by wonderful people. My 17 year old son went on his own from Canada, this past... summer for a UK to Spain sail. Travelling during the pandemic was stressful but everyone was incredibly helpful and he had an amazing time. We hope you have another fantastic sailing year! ⛵️read more
Marcin PasekMarcin Pasek
14:47 10 Jan 22
Best ship, best crew, best friends 😊
Veera UskiVeera Uski
21:24 31 Jan 19
Atyla is an amazing ship and project going on all year long. In winter they have volunteers to repair the ship and... during Summer they teach people of all ages to sail on a traditional sailing ship, what she more