The Ship

31-meters long, 7-meters wide and 3-meters draft, ATYLA is a sturdy and spacious ship, which sails with the aid of over 400 square meters of sail surface.

ATYLA is a uniquely beautiful ship, built entirely out of wood. Combining a traditional atmosphere with modern facilities, the vessel creates a welcoming and cozy environment.

Built by hand in Spain between 1980 and 1984, ATYLA is one of the very few handmade wooden-hulled tall ships in the world that still operates.

Painted scarlet red, and based on an original design inspired by the schooners of the 19th century, she looks as if she has sailed straight out of a pirate legend.

Inside ATYLA’s hull are her cosy living quarters, designed to make you feel at home whilst at sea. ATYLA can accommodate up to 24 people overnight, or up to 80 people on day trips.


The sleeping areas are separated into four cabins. Each bunk bed has a thick curtain that separates it from the room, creating a private space to sleep.

9 in the main cabin
5 in the port side cabin
4 in the starboard side cabin
6 in the bow cabin

Every individual is also allocated two lockers in which to store her or his personal belongings. There’s no need to bring a sleeping bag, as bed linen and duvets/pillows are provided. Hammocks are available upon request.


Eating is a social activity, and on board ATYLA we love to do everything together. Meals can be served either in our large living room or, when the weather allows it, on the deck surrounded by views of the open ocean.

ATYLA’s galley has everything needed to prepare food on board. With a chef to plan and cook, Trainees on board ATYLA are provided with 3 nutritious and delicious meals per day. You are welcome to use the space in our fridges to store any special food you wish to bring with you and we encourage Trainees who are interested, to be involved in the food preparation. You can even share your culture by preparing a special dish from your country for your crew mates to enjoy.

Bathrooms and cleaning

ATYLA has 5 toilets and 3 showers on board, supplied with hot running water. We also have our own washing machine, to wash clothes and towels.

5 toilets
3 showers

Thanks to the generosity of our partner SolyEco we have a supply of biodegradable soaps (including shower gel and laundry detergent) on board, which you are welcome to use.

Learn more about SolyEco


ATYLA has a generator so there is always electricity when at sea. The ship is fitted with 220V electricity plugs on board (the European type), as well as USB chargers for phones and cameras.

Learn more about European plugs
european plug

You’ll never be cold when below deck, as ATYLA is equipped with electric heating everyone has a warm and relaxing nights sleep.

ATYLA also has a 60-inch-TV in the living room, indoor and outdoor sound system, and outdoor lighting so that evenings can be enjoyed on deck.

Safety Equipment

ATYLA is equipped with safety features to the standards of UK Training Ships. In short:

Category B first aid kit
Life rafts for 80 people
Life vests for 80 people
Harnesses to go up the mast and on the lifelines
6 Ring lifebuoys
Complete fire fighting equipment
Complete communication systems (GPS, Radar, Radio, Navtex...)