Ship specifications

All the measurements, facilities and technical details of the ship Atyla

Basic data

Vessel’s Name
Type of Vessel

Two-mast topsail historic schooner

Flag State


Portugalete (Biscay, Basque Country, Spain)
Call sign


Registration number

2Β° BI-3-1-23



Atyla International Training Ship Foundation

Operator’s billing address

RamΓ³n de la Sota Kaia 1, 48011 Bilbao (Spain)
VAT Number


Construction info

Launching date
15th of May 1984
Launching location
Lekeitio, Basque Country, Spain
Construction places
– Vinuesa, Soria (Spain): Construction of many wooden parts (mostly for the interior).
– Lekeitio, Vizcaya (Spain): Construction of the hull and the deck. Final assembly.
– Bilbao, Vizcaya (Spain): Installation of the engine and electronic equipment.



Overall including the bowsprit, etc.

31.0 metres

On the ship’s certificate

22.8 metres

Between perpendiculars (BPP or LBP)
19.0 metres
7.0 metres
Front Draft
2.0 metres
Stern Draft (Maximum draft)
3.0 metres
Air draft
25.0 metres above water level
Gross tonnage
100.88 GRT

Capacities & facilities for events

Legal capacity for day trips and events
80 people
Capacity on longer trips
24 people
Deck size
150 m2
Lighting on the deck
LED lights to light up the entire deck and the rigging
Sound system on the deck
500V portable speaker with 2 microphones
Deck capacities
– 80 people seated
– Space for more than 120 people standing
Deck facilities
– Awnings to cover in case of rain
– Bar with a fridge in the bridge (at deck level)
– Restroom one level below (just 3 steps down)
Events inside (indoors)
The ship’s living room can be used for events. See details on the section interiors and cabins.

Details for mooring (docking)

Entrances through the lower deck
At 1.55 and 1.90 metres above water level
Entrances through the upper deck
At 2.19 and 2.90 metres above water level

Highest fitting point for a gangway

At 3 metres above water level on the bridge’s roof (1.6 metres away from the ship’s side)


Aluminium telescopic gangway, lengths between 3 and 5 metres

Wood & Inox gangway, length 2 metres

Highest dock admissable with current gangway

7.4 metres above water level

Electrical connections (for shore power)

Main connection:
β€’ Current: 32 A
β€’ Voltage: 400 V AC (~)
β€’ Frequency: 50 – 55 Hz
β€’ Connection: 5 POL – 6H; 32A (3F, N, GND) male
β€’ Cable: 5×4 EURO CYKY (15 metres long)

Alternative connection:
β€’ Current: 16A
β€’ Voltage: 230V AC (~)
β€’ Frequency: 50 – 55 Hz
β€’ Connection: 3 POL – RS 023K male
β€’ Cable: 3×4 EURO CYKY (15 metres long)

Fresh water capacity
1500 litres + Freshwater maker producing 24 litres per hour
Freshwater intake: Diameter of the hole
2.54 centimetres (1”)
Diesel capacity
6000 litres
Diesel intake: Diameter of the hole
3.81 centimetres (1.5”)
Sewage capacity
2000 litres
Sewage extraction: Diameter of the hole
3.81 centimetres (1.5”)
Sewage extraction: Distance from the hole to the tank
2.5 metres

Interiors and cabins

Living room
– Size: 38 m2
– Seating for 24 people
– 60″ TV connectable with PC/Mac
– Big whiteboard to cover the TV
– Β±7 square metres
– Stove with 3 industrial burners, oven, microwave, refrigerator, chest freezer.
– 2 industrial-size sinks
– 3 water taps (seawater for cleaning, freshwater for rinsing, and filtered water for drinking).
– Main cabin: 9 bunks
– Portside cabin: 5 bunks
– Captain’s cabin : 3 bunks
– Engineer’s cabin: 1 bunk
– Bow cabin: 8 bunks
– Electric heating in all cabins
– Individual reading light and electric socket in every bunk.
Toilets & showers
– 4 bathrooms next to the cabins, 3 of them with shower (pump toilets in all of them)
– 1 bathroom next to the living room, with one toilet (automatic, no pump) and one “pissoir”
– Sinks in all the bathrooms
– Hot running water in all sinks and showers


Total sail surface
410 m2
List of sails
Flying jib, Outer jib, Inner jib, Forestaysail Top, Staysail, Course sail (black), Topsail (black), Top gaffsail, Main sail
Type of manoeuvre
Classic manual manoeuvring (the anchor winch can also be used if required)

Handmade wooden parts (and wood used)

Frames & interior structures
Inner skin
Scots Pine
Outer skin
Makore & Iroko
Mainmast & Main topmast
Foremast & Fore topmast
Smaller parts of the rigging
Douglas Fir, Iroko & Scots Pine
Interior furnishings
Sapele & Iroko


Main engine
230 hp (169 kW)
3 to 1
Folding 4-blade (1 metre diameter) + Spare propeller
360 hours at 75% power
Maximum speed using only the engine
7 knots at 75% power, 9 knots at 100%
Vetus M4.15
24.6 kW (33 hp)
Maximum rpm
Output options
380v and 220v

Safety equipment

 ‒ 150kg Hall anchor with 100 meters of chain + electric anchor winch + 2 spare anchors
 ‒ 2 three-phase pumps for bailing
 ‒ 1 three-phase fire pump + 1 independent auxiliary fire pump with Diesel engine
 ‒ 2 life rafts for 25 persons each for ocean navigation + 1 life raft for 30 persons for coast navigation
 ‒ 100 life jackets + 26 survival suits
 ‒ Life buoy with lanyard and lights in accordance with international regulations
 ‒ 1 line-thrower + Rockets and flares equipment SOLAS Cat 1 & 2
 ‒ Radar Responder + Radio beacon + GMDSS Walkie-talkies
 ‒ First aid kit category A
Complete firefighting equipment
Automatic circuit innocuous gas fire extinction system
Breathing apparatus
Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Navigation equipment

 ‒ Inmarsat C
 ‒ AIS
 ‒ Navtex
 ‒ Radar with plotter (FURUNO)
 ‒ Radio beacon
 ‒ Nautical sound
 ‒ Mechanical steering wheel
 ‒ Compass
 ‒ Binnacle
 ‒ Anemometer
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