The Project

ATYLA International Training Ship Foundation is a non-for-profit organisation that operates the tall ship ATYLA.

ATYLA sails the seas providing exciting and challenging experiences specially designed to nurture the development of responsible leaders, encourage individuals to become proactive team players, and create respectful, open-minded members of society.

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During the summer season ATYLA sails voyages of 1 to 4 weeks operating an innovative Educational Programme. During these voyages the crew is composed of:

4 professional Crewmembers
1 Educational Coach
3 Watch Leaders
16 Trainees

During the winter ATYLA normally stays at her homeport, the Maritime Museum of Bilbao, where her crew runs local educational activities and complete essential maintenance works.

The project is mainly funded by individuals that pay to sail with us as Trainees. Anyone aged from 15 and over is welcome on board as a Trainee on one or several consecutive trips. No previous sailing experience is required. As ATYLA is an International Training Ship, on board every voyage we sail with individuals from a diverse range of countries and cultural backgrounds, therefore the official language spoken aboard is English.

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The contributions from private and corporate sponsors are used to create a number of Trainee Scholarships, dedicated to ensuring that all people, regardless of economic background, are able to engage in the incredible experience aboard.

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The rest of the funding comes from renting the ship for Corporate retreats, Deck Events and Charter.

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Our goal is to manage that, through the different sources of funding, 40% of the the people sailing with us receives a scholarship, making the project truly accessible to everyone.

Why "International Training Ship"?

International, because we believe that the interaction of diverse social classes and cultures is the most effective way to create a more respectful, and open-minded society. The world's greatest challenges are global, and only a global society will be able to resolve them.

Training, because we believe that education is our most powerful tool to create a better future for the world. In the same way that being able to prevent an issue from first accruing is better than finding a resolution, providing good education is far more effective than attempting to solve the consequences of a bad, or lack of, education.

Ship, because we believe that outdoors education and adventure education are some of the most effective forms of education. Everyone agrees that education must be both interactive and fun. What is more fun and interactive than sailing as part of the crew of a classic tall ship?

Our Values:

How do we behave when we operate as an organisation?

defend social and gender equality
respect the marine environment
are friendly, open-minded and inclusive
put sustainability ahead of costs