Team Building on a Sailboat

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After more than 8 years creating adventure trips and personal development with hundreds of people from different countries aboard our historic sailboat, we are organizing Team Building activities on a Sailboat that combine adventures with personal development.

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Team Building on a Sailing ship?

Team building activities are common in many companies. But, unfortunately, the lack of passion on the part of the companies that offer them has meant that the people who participate take them as days of lost time, or just as a leisure activity, but without any added value.

At the Atyla Foundation we have spent years promoting 8 essential soft skills for work and life in general, and we use our sailing trips to develop them by creating a Sailing Team Building day that combines adventure with personal development.

What is corporate team-building?

They are activities outside the work environment to promote teamwork and cohesion among workers with the aim of improving coordination between them and the relationship with the company.

At the Atyla ship Foundation, we have worked for years in teams in which we have had to deal with and work as a team with many people with very different profiles, nationalities and cultures.

And through this work, we have realized that there are certain soft skills that play a crucial role in social interactions and that have a huge impact on both our personal life and society as a whole.

We have also learned that they are skills that we can work on, develop and improve. Learning about them theoretically doesn’t help much, but practising in a real environment with other people is perfect for improving them.

That is why we believe that sailing is a very enriching exercise for this purpose and that is why we organize this type of sailing team building in Bilbao.

Our team-building activity is designed to welcome teams of different sizes, from 10 people to 70 people. Of course, the smaller the group, the more intense and participatory the activity becomes (our recommended maximum number is 30 people), but we are happy to work with different numbers of people depending on the needs of the company. If you need an activity with even more people, we can do several trips, or involver other boats.

Team Building and Soft Skills Development

Sailing is an adventure sport that invites us to leave our comfort zone and creates ideal situations to work and develop certain soft skills.

Participants, due to the nature of the activity, will be forced to work as a team, communicate, make decisions and ultimately find themselves in situations that will test their resilience and self-control.

Our team-building approach proposes to use all these circumstances to use them as opportunities to practice and reflect in which the participants can reflect and learn from the experience.

The differentiating key of this proposal is that the session is accompanied by a coach, so that not only is the activity enjoyed, but also the emphasis is on working on certain essential skills for life.

In short, the agenda for the team-building activity sailing will be:

Teambuilding Activity On A Sailing Ship Boat Team Building In Bilbao Biscay Spain Sailing

Schedule of a day on board the ship

09:00 Breakfast and presentations
09:45 Sailing down the Bilbao Estuary & briefings on safety and coaching
11:00 Challenges and sailing in the open sea
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Reflection activity with the coach while we sail up the Bilbao Estuary
16:00 End of the activity

Activities on board

The activity begins and ends at our mooring in Portugalete, near the Bizkaia bridge. There you will board the sailing ship.

Prior to the activity, our coach will speak with you to try to better understand the characteristics of the team and its needs.

The day of the activity will start with breakfast on board, during which participants will be able to meet the crew and introduce themselves. This helps team members get to know each other better on a more personal basis and begin to open up.

After breakfast, we will drop the moorings, and we will begin to navigate the Bilbao estuary. At the same time, the crew will explain the safety protocols necessary to participate in the Team Building, and the coach will make a presentation explaining the objectives of the session and making a brief introduction to the 8 soft skills that are worked on in the sailboat start.

Among other indications, during this introductory session, the participants are invited to become aware of the situations that occur and which of these skills they have to use to confront them during the activity.

We will learn the basics of how sails work and the ropes that hoist and lower them, in order to participate in sail manoeuvres.

After a few hours of sailing and challenges on board, we will enjoy a meal prepared by our professional team.

After the sailing activity, a series of reflections are proposed to recapitulate the situations experienced and learn from the soft skills that we have had to put into practice to face them.

This activity is carried out while we return, navigating up the Bilbao estuary to the Itsasmuseum where, once we reach the mooring, we will finish the activity.

Check out this video about our unique team-building experience:

What’s included and what’s not included?

Everything is included in the price so that the Team Building activity is a success and the participants can enjoy a day of adventures, fun and learning.

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  • Ship rental
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Diesel
  • Sailing crew
  • Coach
  • Mooring fees
  • Basic insurance

Not included:

  • Journey to the ship and back
  • Extra services
  • Ad-hoc adaptations of the activity

The 8 skills of our program

Intercultural communication

The ship (like the world) is a multicultural context where collaboration is required. We explore tools like self-awareness, active listening and assertiveness, and attitudes like embracing and appreciating the differences and similarities between cultures and identities.

Emotional intelligence

Understanding, processing, and expressing your feelings. Paying attention, empathising and understanding other people’s feelings. These are all key to building balanced, healthy and satisfying relationships with others and with ourselves.

Critical thinking

Listening to, understanding and being able to question viewpoints. Articulating, testing, and clarifying our values and beliefs and engaging directly with those of others. Being open to admit we are wrong about something, and being able to explain why we might be right.
Teamwork Intercultural Communication Atyla Life Skill Soft Skills Training Red


The experience on board is perfect for being part of the creation and the fast development of a team. Commitment, trust, acceptance, warmth, confidence and the development of roles will affect how a team performs both in the day-to-day and in extreme situations.


Part of the team dynamics are the leadership dynamics and the leadership styles taking place. Voice, participation, engagement, decision making and empowerment are all part of this. What kind of leadership is more natural for you? What kind inspires you most?
Responsibility Atyla Life Skill Soft Skills Training Practicing


Everything we do affects our environment. Everything other people do might affect us. A reduced environment like Atyla, where the consequences of our acts get magnified, is the perfect setting to learn about responsibility. Training mindfulness helps in this process.


Fear can be your worst enemy or a very useful friend. We start this process by cultivating humility and vulnerability, in order to acknowledge fear. Then we try to learn how and when to face it. The goal is to tame it and use it to your advantage.


The ship (like the world) is an ever-changing environment where plans get altered constantly. So we learn to embrace uncertainty, to cope with changes and to adapt to them. Luckily, Atyla is also a controlled environment with a prepared crew, where we can safely enter the learning zone.

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