Atyla poster

You can share it online or print it and hang it up

Help our charity reach more people. Help more people live an experience that can change their lives.

If you put this poster somewhere nice, you can take a picture of it and send it to us. Apart from being super thankful, we might share it on our social media and mention you (of course, only if you want).

The RBG version of the image is to be used online (to share on social media, to send over WhatsApp or other messaging apps, to be published on your website, blog, etc…)

The CMYK version of the image is to be printed (in size DinA3 or smaller). You can hang it up anywhere where you think it can be seen by many people (the street, your office, a bar, the place where you play sports or practice your hobby, the association where you volunteer, etc.)

If you can’t see the files properly, you can open the folder on a new tab.

Thanks a lot!

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