Mission, vision and values

What we do, why we do it, and how we do it

We believe that life skills are basic to any person, and therefore basic to society. That’s why we want to help people to become responsible world-citizens, engaged community members and problem-solving leaders.

We want to see more people able to listen and empathise with their loved ones as well as their communities, people aware of their strengths and their potential for improvement, and people capable to thinking critically and independently.


Atyla Ship Foundation exists to promote life skills around the world, by:

  • Helping people develop them and reflect about them on our trips.
  • Spreading the word on our visits to different ports and cities.
  • Raising awareness through social media and through our network of life skills ambassadors.


We dream of a world where people know the importance of life skills in their lives and their communities.
In that world, people have more balanced and fulfilling lives, communities are more strongly connected, and conversations are more honest, respectful and fruitful.


Sustainable, inclusive, innovative: The three values that guide our actions.
  • Sustainable: We try to do things so that the environment and the people that collaborate with us are benefited, not damaged.
  • Inclusive: We use a familiar language on our texts, we created a Scholarship Fund, we welcome all ages, nationalities and backgrounds, we speak “easy English” on board…
  • Innovative: We dare do things differently, we dare to try new ideas and new approaches.

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