Onboard insurance

Details of the coverage:

This insurance covers anyone sailing on the following vessel as permanent crew or temporary crew (participant), no matter if they hold a working contract, if they embark as volunteers, or if they booked a trip:

Name of Vessel Atyla
Official Number 13775
Sail Number TS ESP 746
MMSI Number 224001900
GT/GRT 100
Flag Spain

The Insurance Company shall indemnify the Assured against the Legal Liabilities, costs and expenses, which are incurred in respect of and only in connection with the Operation of the Insured Vessel, arising from Events occurring during the Period of Insurance, as follows:



Liability to pay damages or compensation for injury, illness or death, as well as resulting hospital and medical expenses when such liability arises during the time on board the Insured Vessel. Coverage shall extend to the Assured’s liability for funeral expenses, including costs for sending home of the coffin or ashes, and personal effects of a deceased member of the Crew.



Liability to pay repatriation expenses incurred during the time of embarkation as member of the Crew.



Liability to pay expenses necessarily incurred in sending a substitute or in securing or engaging and subsequently repatriating a substitute to replace a member of the Crew, who shall have died or been left behind in consequence of illness, injury, desertion or any other cause, where such expenses could not be reasonably avoided. Wages shall only be recoverable as part of the said expenses when payable to a substitute engaged abroad while awaiting or during repatriation. Cover under this sub-section is limited solely to a member of the Crew identified in the crew list of the Insured Vessel at the time of the wreck or total loss and to no other person.



Liability to pay the loss of or damage to personal effects belonging to a member of the Crew on board of the Insured Vessel during her operation. No payment shall be made for theft or pilferage of Crew’s personal effects and there shall be no recovery in respect of cash, cheques, precious or rare metals or stones, diamonds, artworks, antiques, valuables or objects of a rare or precious nature.



Liability to pay the costs of port charges, bunkers, insurance, stores, provisions and crew wages, but excluding loss of profit, hire, freight or otherwise incurred by the Assured in deviating the Insured Vessel to land or to obtain medical attention for a sick or injured member of the Crew.


Limits of the coverage:

Maximum amount covered:
• EUR 100,000,000 on any one accident or occurrence, combined single limit.
• EUR 250,000 sublimit related to any Crew Claims under U.S. / Canadian Jurisdiction, any one accident or occurrence, combined single limit.



• EUR 500 ln respect of baggage claims, every single voyage.
• EUR 1,500 ln respect of all other claims, any one accident or occurrence.
When one accident gives rise to claims of a dífferent nature, the aggregate of all claims shall be subject to the highest deductible applicable to anyone such claim.


Conditions of usage: (IMPORTANT)

Atyla’s P&I is intended to cover the ship’s operations against any harm that they could cause, this includes the responsibility of the professional crew and their actions on board. But since the insurance gives us the opportunity to include the same coverage for participants and passengers, we use that opportunity.
This doesn’t mean that anyone can raise a claim for any problem that happened on board. The insurance has to be used responsibly, and that’s why it includes a set of Deductibles (as explained above).

By accepting the coverage of our P&I, and not hiring your own insurance for your time on board, you are accepting the following conditions:

1. In the case that the claim is generated by an accident provoked by the person generating the claim, the corresponding deductible will be paid by that person.
2. In the case that the claim is generated by an accident provoked by Atyla’s professional crew (and assumed so by the captain), Atyla Ship Foundation will pay for the corresponding deductible.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t want to be subject to these deductibles, we recommend you hire your own travel insurance. For example, the company “TopSail Insurance” offers a Tall ship specific policy that costs approximately 31€ for a 7-14 days voyage.


References and How to generate a claim:

Since any claims should come from the insured (Atyla Ship Foundation), in order to avoid direct contact from any participant or passenger we cannot include here our certificate of insurance or the complete policy wording. But the insurance company sent us this quotation as proof of insurance:

“The above described Insurance Cover is provided by 100% Lloyd’s Underwriters, A+ rated (S&P), whose applicable Terms & Conditions will prevail regarding its interpretation.”

If you ever need to generate any claim you shall do it through our crew or writing an email to and we’ll put you in contact with our broker to prepare the claim.