Excursions and trips on board historic ship Atyla in Boulogne-sur-mer

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The famous historic ship Atyla will be in Boulogne-sur-mer for the Maritime Festival La côte d’Opale Fête la Mer à Boulogne-sur-mer 2023. This is your opportunity to see this astonishing ship closer than ever and even SAIL ON BOARD.

The ship is run by a charity, so apart from living a unique experience, you’ll be contributing to a good cause.

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Activities on board Atyla

Adventure trips as crew

Coastal day trips

Join as crew for an adventure trip

Experience a real adventure by joining our longer trips, living on board and participating in all the activities as a member of the crew.

  • A trip for true adventurers
  • Sail in the open ocean in just 4 or 5 days
  • You don’t need any previous experience
  • Open to ages 15 to 75 from any country
  • Languages on board English & Spanish

Trips available:

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Sailing excursions in Boulogne Fête de la Mer

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On the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th of July 2023.
On all those days, from 10:30 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 17:00.

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How is the day trip?

Our crew will welcome you on board and explain the basics of the trip, then we’ll leave the mooring and start sailing. During the trip we’ll try to put up some sails, and you can help with that. There’ll be plenty of cool moments for a picture with the coastal background, with the crew, and in different parts of the ship (remember to mention @atyla_ship if you publish them).

Other relevant details:

  • There’s a toilet on board you’ll be able to use if you need it.
  • Smoking is allowed on deck. Always try not to disturb anyone and never throw the cigarette butt overboard.
  • To avoid pollution, drinks come in a reusable Atyla glass that you’ll get for a €2 deposit (please bring cash). You can return it, or keep it as a souvenir.

Location of Atyla ship in Boulogne-sur-mer

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What is Atyla ship?

A unique ship from Spain that sails around the world

Atyla is a classic sailing vessel built between Soria and Vizcaya in the 80s. It was built following the designs of the ships in the XVIII century. Its history is remarkable, check it out here.

Today, Atyla is the only Spanish wooden ship that regularly participates in international regattas of tall ships and sail training ships. In these regattas, Atyla often receives the prize for the most international crew.

Atyla has been all around Europe, and as far as Russia and Canada in the last 6 years. All of this happens as a charity foundation that promotes life skills like emotional intelligence and intercultural communication.

Pictures & Press

If you take any good pictures or videos of Atyla, please send them to us via email. We can mention you on social media if we publish them.

If you are a journalist, and you want to make an article or piece about Atyla, check out our press dossier. If you publish something please let us know; we love to see articles mentioning Atyla!

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Get involved

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Donate to our charity

Atyla uses 100% of all donations to provide scholarships for people who cannot afford to join our adventure trips.

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Buy a gift card

A gift voucher that does not expire and can be used for any of our trips. You can get it immediately and print it or send it digitally, no deliveries required.

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