Sail as Watch Leader

At ATYLA we believe that leadership is an essential skill that is best learned through practice. What could be a better hands-on experience than being in command of a team on the open sea?

Do you want the opportunity to become a strong, inspiring, and successful leader? Would you like to share your knowledge, passion and skills with a group of eager international trainees? Then apply to sail as a Watch Leader on board ATYLA.

As a Watch Leader, you will play an integral role in the daily routine of the ship. You will be trusted with important responsibilities, such as ensuring that all trainees have both an exciting, and safe sailing experience on board. Watch Leaders must guide the Trainees, and serve as the essential link between them and the professional crew.

It is hard work, but our Leadership Programme is designed to be a fun and motivational way to profoundly develop your leadership and management skills. It will also be good for your CV because skills such as courage, intercultural communication and leadership are desirable to employers from many diverse working environments, as well as universities and colleges.

And best of all, our Leadership Program is sponsored by ATYLA foundation, so you'll sail with us for free!

Some of the main responsibilities of Watch Leaders include:

Each Watch Leader will be provided with a handbook that explains in detail their role on board ATYLA

To apply you must:

At ATYLA we are very committed to gender equality, and since leadership roles in the maritime industry (and in society in general) are still dominated by men, we actively encourage women to become Watch Leaders and to prepare for leadership roles.

atyla Watch Leaders
atyla Watch Leaders
atyla Watch Leaders
IMPORTANT: If you are planning to apply for a Watch Leader position, but you want to sail on ATYLA regardless of whether you receive it or not, please do not wait for your application to be processed. Place your booking as soon as you have decided on your voyage. If your Watch Leader application is successful, we’ll refund your payment. If your application is not successful, you will still be able to sail as a Trainee! This will ensure that you don’t miss out on your adventure, and by gaining more sailing experience and familiarising yourself with the ship, it will improve your chances of being approved as a Watch Leader in the future.

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