How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Looking for an opportunity to develop your emotional intelligence?

The trips we offer are perfect for that: Adventure sailing experiences that will help you get in touch with yourself. 

Check our trips, you’ll love them!

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Emotional intelligence is one of the life skills in our personal development program.

Our trips are designed to get you out of your comfort zone and present you with several challenges. By seeing how you react to this environment, and with the guidance of our crew, you’ll get to know yourself better..

The group of adventurers on board are all in a learning process (everyone in their own path), and this creates a safe, welcoming and adult space to share, listen and learn from each other..

The personal and interpersonal experiences that you’ll live on Atyla will present a multitude of lessons to embrace, to emerge as a stronger, more confident person.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is a skill that refers to one’s ability to understand, process, and express one’s feelings, as well as recognise and be able to engage with the feelings of others.

Emotional intelligence is a skill that can be improved. But more than learning about it, it requires to be trained by practising.

This is why, at our charity, we create our trips to give people like you the chance to practice emotional intelligence and other similarly important skills:

Why is emotional intelligence important?

  • This skill is essential for building relationships with other people.
  • It’s also key to understand yourself and your needs.
  • Emotional intelligence can help you handle difficult moments in your life.
  • Developing emotional intelligence can help your career because it makes you a more stable and cooperative team member.

A better relationship, also with yourself

But emotional intelligence not only improves our relationships with others.

By developing a better understanding and connection with our feelings and our needs, we will be able to develop a more balanced life and a good mental health.

Even if it becomes hard to stop our “inner chatter”, through emotional intelligence we can develop an inner chatter that is more compassionate, also with ourselves.

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The future of work:

Apart from being super useful for personal and working relationships, emotional intelligence can also be the source of your future job.

Most experts in robotics and artificial intelligence say that the tasks that require emotional intelligence are the most difficult to replace by machines, and therefore they’ll become essential in the future of labour.

That’s why, on the Atyla ship Foundation, we promote this and other life skills, that are key to creating a better world. Do you want to join our mission?

Develop emotional intelligence on a sailing trip!

At Atyla, we consider emotional intelligence to be a necessary life skill.

Not only does emotional intelligence make life easier, it makes it better too.

By setting you in a difficult environment where you have to rely on other people, our program prompts you to develop emotional intelligence and other essential social skills.

Our trips may be a challenge, but they offer an experience you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Sail with us today.