Educational Programme

ATYLA's Educational Programme is at the heart of our project. It is our mission as an organisation, and what elevates ATYLA from a hand built wooden vessel, to an International Training Ship.

Traditionally, ships dedicated to training sailors have used the term “Sail Training” to describe what they do. However, sailing is not the focus of our programme, it’s just the fun and exciting tool we use to teach our Trainees important life skills that are integral to their success both at sea and on land.

ATYLA’s Personal Development Programme is meant to improve 5 life skills:

Intercultural teamwork

ATYLA embarks with people on board from around the world, all living and working together in an environment where everyone is considered equal. By bringing individuals from a range of cultures, ages, and social backgrounds to work together at sea, our programme proves that mutual respect and communication is all that is needed to develop efficient teamwork and meaningful multicultural friendships.

On board ATYLA we are all crew, and treat each other as we would wish to be treated. For us, being friendly and inclusive is paramount to the success and well-being of both individuals and organisations.

Critical thinking

This basic skill affects all our learning, reflection and communication processes. While sailing on ATYLA trainees are encouraged to articulate, test and clarify their values and to engage directly with those of others. The question "why" is always on our minds. We believe that the combination of collaborative action with critical thinking is a powerful ingredient in making a lasting impact in the world.


The leadership learning process happens in 3 stages: First you learn-by-being-taught, then comes the stage of learning-by-doing, and finally, the process of learning-by-teaching others. There are vital lessons to be learned in all stages and on ATYLA we practice, observe and analyse them to become both better leaders and better followers.

Besides, through our Watch Leaders Programme, previous trainees return to mentor new trainees and further practice this skill.

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Environmental responsibility

At ATYLA we believe that this is a crucial issue. If we want climate change to stop we not only need to raise awareness but also to change the way each one of us treats our planet.

The best way to improve how we as a society treat our environment is to get to know it better. On board ATYLA you'll be living in rhythm with the ocean, and will have the opportunity to experience its magnificence.

At the same time, our programme helps Trainees to consider creative ways that they can make positive improvements, which will benefit the environment in their daily lives back on dry land.

Emotional intelligence

In a world where technology and automation are reshaping the world more and more, we need skills that help us adapt to these changes.

The experts in robotics and artificial intelligence are clear about this: the tasks that require emotional intelligence are the most difficult to replace by machines, and therefore they'll become essential in the future of labour.

But emotional intelligence does is not just important for your work life. The ability to understand and express your feelings and those of others are key to having a balanced and satisfying private life.

At ATYLA we want to make sure Trainees have the best, most nurturing experience possible. That's why we have a Coach on board that runs workshops, group dynamics, one-to-one conversations, and can provide theory and mentoring for anyone that requires it.

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Of course, there is also a great deal of sailing related knowledge in our Sail Training Programme to be acquired during your trip. The professional sailors on board have many years of experience and will teach you all you will need to know in order to sail the ship. They are always on hand and happy to explain in more detail about any topic.

Don't be shy to ask!

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If you want to learn more about sailing theory or see more details about our life-skills and personal development programme, you can download our complete educational programme here.

Educational Programme