Szczecin – Dunkirk (Tall Ships Races 2020-21)

Embarkation: 2th of August at 16:00 ‚ÄĒ Szczecin
Disembarkation: 14th of August at 11:00 ‚ÄĒ Dunkirk

Embark Atyla for an amazing Tall Ships Parade, and an easygoing trip from Poland to France, with time for sailing and a few anchorages or stops along the way. Join the first port of the delayed Tall Ships Races 2020, now happening in 2021.

Contribution participant / premium participant:

1090 / 1750

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This voyage will take you from Szczecin through the Kiel Canal, all the way to Dunkirk. During this trip, we will have enough time to do a couple of anchorages or stops either in the Baltic or the North sea, possibly even in both. Depending on the weather, we can drop the anchor at a lagoon in the Baltic sea, or maybe visit some nice harbours or islands in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Regardless of how the trip is, we will have plenty of time to fully enjoy the pleasures that come with living on board. You will experience the watch systems, intercultural relationships, amazing food, etc. Moreover, we will use the challenges we come across as opportunities to learn and give the trip more meaning.

Around the 12th of August, we’ll arrive in Dunkirk. We will spend 2 days in this versatile city, during which we can experience the first days of the Tall Ship Race Festival, as well as the culture of the city itself. Dunkirk is bound to the sea by a rich maritime history, and you can visit the many participant ships as part of Atyla’s crew. Additionally, you can have a look at the Port Museum, the UNESCO World Heritage belfries, the former royal palace, or one of the magnificent churches or chapels in the city.

  • Accommodation with full board and a private bunk bed.
  • Participation in the Tall Ships Parade going out of Szczecin
  • Certificated participation in Atyla‚Äôs personal development program
  • Insurance for your time on board (see terms and conditions).
  • Official Atyla T-shirt.
  • Official Tall Ships Races 2021 T-shirt.
  • Official Tall Ships Races 2020-21 T-shirt (the delayed one). Yes, both T-shirts!

Other info:

  • Official language on board: Easy English.
  • Exact location of the embarkation & disembarkation.
  • Detailed timeline of the trip.
  • If you are coming from far away, you can easily fly to the Szczecin-Goleni√≥w Airport, and fly back from Lille (1 hour away), Paris or Brussels (2 hours away).