Lisbon – Cadiz (Tall Ships Races 2020-21)

Embarkation: 4th of September at 16:00 ‚ÄĒ Lisbon
Disembarkation: 11th of September at 11:00 ‚ÄĒ Cadiz

Sail on Atyla during the Tall Ship Races, and race the other vessels from Lisbon to Cadiz in the last leg of this magnificent regatta.

Contribution participant / premium participant:

750 / 1250

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During this leg, we will sail from the capital of Portugal to the oldest city of Spain. It will be the last leg in the Tall Ship Races, so we will make sure to make the most of it! After your arrival in Lisbon, you will get to know the crew and the other participants. Later, you will also be taught the basic of safety before we sail out, forming a parade with the other big ships.

The favourable west-to-east winds will help us sail to Cadiz and fully enjoy all the aspect of the sail training. It will also allow us to thoroughly experience and discover all the challenges that come with living and sailing on board. Together with the crew and the other participants, you will work on life skills and personal development, both individually and as a group.

Cadiz, the city which is said to be around 3000 years old, will welcome the fleet’s arrival with plenty of festivities. We will take part in the Crew Parade and the Crew Party, amongst other festival activities. You can also spend some time exploring the city; the Old Town, which is completely surrounded by water, one of the many museums, cathedrals, and historical theatres. The nice, warm weather might also tempt you to visit one of the nearby beaches, some of the cleanest in Europe, or wander around the festival and visit the other impressive ships.

All included:

  • Accommodation with full board and a private bunk bed.
  • Participation in the Sailing Parade going out of Lisbon.
  • Certificated participation in Atyla‚Äôs personal development program
  • Insurance for your time on board (see terms and conditions).
  • Participation in the crew-only activities in Cadiz, including the crew parade and the crew party.
  • Official Atyla T-shirt.
  • Official Tall Ships Races 2020-21 T-shirt.

Other info:

  • Official language on board: Easy English.
  • Exact location of the embarkation & disembarkation.
  • Detailed timeline of the trip.
  • If you are coming from far away, you can easily fly to the airport of Lisbon. In order to go home after the trip, you can fly from the airport of Jerez de la Frontera (about 40 minutes away).