Sailing trip on Atyla ship:

Easter trip: from Gij贸n to Bilbao (in Spanish)

Embarkation: 14th of April at 15:00 鈥 Gij贸n
Disembarkation: 18th of April at 12:00 鈥 Bilbao

Enjoy the Easter holidays on a breathtaking sailing ship!
This second trip will take us from Asturias back to the Basque Country, with a stop at anchor somewhere along the way (maybe Laredo, Santander, Luanco or Avil茅s).

Contribution as a聽participant / premium participant:

650 / 850

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On this trip:

  • We'll do a mix of sailing in the open sea and along the coast.
  • We'll go with the wind, to try to sail as much as possible with sails only (no engine).
  • We'll do one stop along the way, anchoring somewhere near the coast to go for a swim (possible candidates are Avil茅s, Laredo, Santander and Luanco.
  • We'll sail up the Estuary of Bilbao, all the way to the city the centre, passing through the different landmarks (Getxo, Santurtzi, the famous Portugalete Bridge...)
  • After arrival, we'll go out for dinner at a nice fish restaurant.

We will set sail right after embarkation (you embark at 15:00 and the ship departs at 19:00). We'll sail either east or north depending on the wind. We'll stop at one of the mentioned places to go for a swim and maybe walk around the area.

The trip will be also good for working on our life skills, get to know ourselves better while we meet other adventurers.

We'll arrive to Bilbao on the 4th of April. That night we'll celebrate the end of the trip with a dinner at the restaurant La Lonja. The dinner is included in the price of the trip, and there are vegetarian/vegan options. If the dinner outside is not possible due to Covid-19, we'll order food and drinks to be delivered to the ship.

An amazing plan for Easter. Sign up before it's gone!

All included:

  • Accommodation with full board and a private bunk bed.
  • Restaurant dinner on the last night of the trip.
  • Safety equipment on board.
  • Insurance for your time on board (see terms and conditions).
  • Certificated participation on our Personal development program
  • Official Atyla T-shirt (fair trade & organic cotton).

Other info:

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Frequently Asked Questions (common to all trips):

Can I book now and then have some days to check holidays, flights, etc?
Of course! We offer free cancellation for a period of 15 days after you book your trip.

That way, you can book now and secure your spot on board, with the chance to organise the logistics after and certain that you can get your money back in case something doesn't work.

Check our cancellation policy for full details.

What's the difference between participant and premium participant?
Basically participants collaborate in all the activities on board, and premium participants聽get to choose what they do and what they don't.
People that want to have more free time when we arrive at port, or that are not so physically fit, or that just want to contribute more to our charity book their trip as premium participants. Then it's still up to them if they want to be as engaged as the normal participants.
Use those links to read more details.

participant ans joining as a premium participant?

Places on board are limited, so book your trip today and enjoy our 15-days free cancellation.

Am I awesome?
Yes you are.
Which measures are taken against Covid-19?
Most probably, we'll be doing Antigen tests to everyone on board upon embarkation. With that we'll be able to create a bubble on board and avoid using masks during the trips.

The exact measurements will depend on the evolution of the pandemic and the regulations in place when your trip starts.

You can see here our current Covid-19 protocol in more detail.

If any trip needs to be cancelled, it will be indicated on this page, and everyone with a booking will be informed per email and compensated according to our cancellation policy.

Can I book for someone else?

Yes, that鈥檚 not a problem. You can also book several spots on the same trip for a group of people. The name in the booking is just for the invoice.

The booking confirmation includes a link to the form that has to be filled out by the people actually doing the trip. Just send it to them after booking.

Can I book more than one trip?

Of course! Each of our voyages is unique and there is no maximum stay on board. We actually recommend people to join us for at least 2 weeks to fully experience our programme and the different challenges on board.

To book several trips in the same booking add them one by one to the shopping cart and then proceed to the checkout.

Do I need to pay the 100% upfront?

Normally yes, because most of the costs of your trip come from having the ship ready when you embark (maintenance costs and organising costs), we need the contribution upfront.

But we understand that this can be difficult or even scary for some people, that's why we created the option to book with a 25% deposit. This option has a cost of 50鈧.

I can鈥檛 afford to pay, can I still join?
As a social not-for-profit organisation, we don鈥檛 want to exclude anyone from participating on our trips because they lack the funds.

There are different things you can do to get funding:

How is the booking process? Is it safe? How do I pay?

To book a trip you just need to click on it and select 鈥淎dd to cart鈥. This will get you to the checkout page where you can introduce your data and do the contribution towards the costs of the trip.

"Contribution" means that you're not doing a payment for a service or purchasing a travel ticket. This has mostly only legal implications for us, it doesn't make much of a difference for you.

The payment system that we use for credit and debit cards is called Redsys. This is the system chosen by our bank, it allows for secure encrypted payments and complies with all standards of data protection.

The other automated payment option that we offer is PayPal (also a secure and well-renowned provider). Bitcoin is also an alternative to pay for your trip, send us an email to learn how.

If you experience problems during the payment process send us an email we鈥檒l allow you do a bank transfer.

Can someone help me arrive to the ship and/or come back afterwards?

Yes, there are agencies that can organise that for you. We can recommend Amaia Travel. They know our trips and are specialists in delivery trips to ships. They can find a nice connection for you and probably also a good price (and they, of course, speak English). Ask them!

These trips are cheaper than what I expected... Why?

Yes, the participant experience is partially funded by our charity, because we want to make our trips affordable for more people. The real value of the experience is what the premium participants contribute.

If you can afford it, we recommend you to book as a premium participant (even if you want to participate fully). You鈥檒l feel good about contributing a fair amount.

What do I need to bring with me?

Nothing special, the same as any other outdoor adventure. On your booking confirmation email you鈥檒l receive a welcome pack with a detailed list of what to bring.

What will my shipmates be like? Will they be much older/younger than me?

Diversity is one of the elements that make the experience on Atyla so special. Our trips welcome people from different countries, with different professions and different social backgrounds. These many different perspectives make the conversations on board very interesting and enriching.

The ages of the people on board normally span from 16 to 55 years of age, and it is very rare that there won鈥檛 be more people of your same age range in your trip.

In any case, we also use the generational diversity as a valuable tool, not only to make everyone feel integrated but also because is great to learn, work and make friends with people of ages different to yours.

Why are the map's lines of different colours?

A yellow line indicates that the trip goes to a maritime festival.
A red line is for "normal trips" where there is no festival.
A blue line is for trips in Spanish or in other languages than English.
Regattas and races normally have their own map provided by the organiser.

What is a "private bunk bed"?

Atyla is not a cruise, so we don't have small 2-person cabins. We have group cabins with bunk beds that host from 5 to 9 people.

To keep some sense of privacy, every bunk bed has a thick curtain that can be closed individually.

What if the trip I want is sold out?

We recommend you to find a different trip since normally our trips get sold out with confirmed reservations. If that doesn鈥檛 fit, you can also send us an email and we鈥檒l let you know if there are any cancellations.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Please see here our Cancellation Policy.

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