Delfzijl – Kiel (Kieler Woche 2021)

Embarkation: 12th of June at 16:00 ‚ÄĒ Delfzijl
Disembarkation: 22th of June at 11:00 ‚ÄĒ Kiel

Join Atyla for this versatile trip from the Netherlands to Germany and be part of two festivals! Experience Delf Sail 2021, the Kiel Canal, and the festival of Kiel’s week 2021!

Contribution participant / premium participant:

730 / 1250

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When you arrive at Atyla, the Delf Sail festival will still be in full swing, so you will be able to enjoy the festivities and Delfzijl with your new shipmates. The next day we will take part in the Sail Out Parade with all the other ships and wave the Dutch city goodbye, making our way to Germany.

We will sail past the East Frisian Islands in the North Sea, and pass through the Kiel Canal. Connecting the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, the canal is one of the busiest in the world. Sailing through, we will come across many ships and go through several locks, making the passing of the canal an interesting experience.

We will arrive in Kiel on the 18th of June, during the Kiel’s Week 2021, one of the biggest sail events in Europe. The traditional festival attracts thousands of visitors and ships every year, and is bound to be a grand event!

We will spend several days there, doing day trips and welcoming visitors on board to tell them about our mission. You can visit the many ships that have come together for the festival, look around the international market or music stages, and also help out with our day trips and enjoy that fantastic experience.

All included:

  • Accommodation with full board and a private bunk bed.
  • Participation in some of the Delf Sail 2021 crew-only activities at the festival and the Tall Ships Parade out.
  • Certificated participation in Atyla‚Äôs Personal Development Program
  • Insurance for your time on board (see terms and conditions).
  • Participation in the Kiel‚Äôs week 2021 Festival as part of Atyla‚Äôs crew.
  • Official Atyla T-shirt.

Other info:

  • Official language on board: Easy English.
  • Exact location of the embarkation & disembarkation.
  • Detailed timeline of the trip.
  • To get to the harbour of Delfzijl, you can fly to Groningen (1 hour away) or to Bremen (3 hours away). After the trip, you can either fly back from the small airport of Kiel, or from Hamburg (1 hour away).