Trainee Scholarships

A trip on ATYLA can be a life changing experience for trainees, as they live and work as equals on board a ship, while developing their self-esteem and learning skills such as communication, effective leadership and teamwork. These are universally important attributes, but programmes designed to nurture these traits are often only available to the most privileged; therefore at ATYLA we believe that our Educational Programme should be accessible to all, regardless of a person’s income or social background.

Outdoor education and personal development should be accessible to all

It is because of this belief that we created ATYLA’s Equal Opportunities Initiative, offering scholarships to those who wish to join ATYLA’s Educational Programme. If you would like to sail on ATYLA, but do not have the financial means to do so, we invite you to apply for a scholarship under our Equal Opportunities Initiative to help fund your adventure onboard.

atyla trainees
atyla trainees
atyla trainees

The Equal Opportunities Initiative offers 3 different scholarships:

70 voyage’s price
100 voyage’s price
100 voyage’s price
+ travel expenses covered

Just like all of the other trainees, each voyage includes accommodation, meals, insurance, etc.

ATYLA’s initiative is funded with the generous support of private donors, community organisations, and corporate sponsors. Using these funds we aim to offer scholarships for at least half of our available trainee places every year. The number of scholarships we can offer depends on the donations and sponsorship we receive. If you know of an individual, or company, capable of making a donation towards ATYLA’s Equal Opportunities Initiative, please share this page with them.

Sponsor our Trainee Scholarships

  • Anyone who wishes to take part in ATYLA’s Educational Programme but lacks financial means to do so can apply for a scholarship
  • Those with the most limited resources will be treated as a priority. Please know that a proof of income is required when applying
  • Individual merit, such as personal and academic achievements will also be taken into account
  • Applicants will be considered by their level of commitment and desire to take part in the Educational Programme
  • Priority for scholarships will be given to young people (15 - 25 years old). However, people of all ages are welcome to apply
  • Sailing experience is not necessary, but will also not hinder your application
  • Priority will be given to applicants who have not yet had the benefit of a sailing experience onboard ATYLA
  • In some special cases, certain donors or sponsors may introduce extra criteria (such as a city of origin) for their scholarships

Since funds for our scholarships are limited and depend entirely on donations and sponsorships, applications may be queued until we receive the required funds.

After submitting your form you will be notified first to let you know if your application has been approved or not. If your application has been approved you’ll be notified again when the scholarship funds become available in order to choose your voyage and start organising your trip.

If granted a scholarship, you’ll be required to write or record a “log book” about your experience on board ATYLA, that we will then give to the donor that paid your scholarship. Our crew can help you with this and, if any video is needed, ATYLA provide the camera.

ATYLA Network

If you are not eligible for a Scholarship, but for any reason you also can’t cover the cost of your trip, you might want to join ATYLA Network, a group of people that use their time, their contacts and their skills to help our project, and get free trips in exchange.

External scholarships and bursaries

Some organisations offer scholarships that don’t always depend on income. You can see information about other scholarships that can be used to fund your voyage on board ATYLA.

To Apply for a scholarship all you need to do is complete this form:

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