Soft Skills: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

What are soft skills?

While no one can be completely prepared for what they may face in life, there are skills that make the journey easier or more satisfying. This set of skills has many names. Some call them common sense, others refer to them as practical wisdom. In professional circles, they are called soft skills or life skills.

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Why are soft skills important?

Soft skills are those which are difficult to measure, yet are necessary for living a good life. Soft skills include a mix of social skills, interpersonal communication, know-how, and character traits that help one in their social and professional lives. They differ from hard skills in that they cannot be taught in a holistic way. Whereas you may be able to take a series of courses on skills like woodworking, you cannot learn soft skills in a class, it needs to be an experience. Professionals within all walks of life value soft skills because they are signifiers of well-rounded and virtuous people.

How does someone develop these life skills?

If soft skills are difficult to measure and hard to develop relative to hard skills, how does one acquire them? One of the best ways to develop soft skills is to meet and overcome challenges. Challenges ask more of us and require that we grow and learn in order to accomplish them. Further, challenges often place us in contact with other people, especially in any explicitly competitive or cooperative environment. Another way is to find a context to step out of our comfort zone. This helps us enter the learning zone, and getting used to it, which in turn expands our comfort zone.

What’s a good way to challenge yourself?

Atyla Ship Foundation is an organization dedicated to bringing people together for a life-changing experience. Our programs will have you embark on a sailing ship, requiring that you fulfil responsibilities, work with others, and learn new skills in order to successfully reach your destination. While our staff is there to ensure your safety, you will feel the need to collaborate, communicate, and overcome difficult circumstances. Our approach is unconventional but is a proven way to develop important life skills. Learn more about Atyla Ship Foundation here.

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