Corporate Retreats

Either for a Team Building retreat, for corporate training, an incentive trip or as inspiration to find new ideas, ATYLA is the perfect environment to live an unforgettable experience with your team surrounded by exhilarating views of the open sea.

ATYLA is a self-contained environment where you can learn, live, and laugh together with the rest of the people on board. Our corporate retreats provide an unique opportunity for your team to leave all distractions on shore and solely focus on your collective goals.

Our ship is also the best platform on which to practice effective leadership, organisation, and strategic communication as the nature of the space encourages your team to work together and apply their interpersonal skills.

All benefits go directly to our not-for-profit Educational Programme

As an International Training Ship, ATYLA is dedicated to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Besides, the ship operator is a charity and all profit from corporate activities goes directly to funding our Educational Programme. What better environment to inspire your colleagues than on board a ship with this cause?

Use our Coach, or hire an external one

We allow companies to bring their own team coach on board to use ATYLA’s facilities, or you may take advantage of our own Coach on Board who is equipped to teach personal development and team building through motivational sailing exercises.

The experience will encourage your team to:

Work on new ideas and success strategies
Improve your team’s ability to respond to changes
Improve communication between cross-functional teams
Train your team to succeed in challenging environments
Foster a climate that encourages brainstorming
Strengthen relationships between teams working abroad
Boost morale and encourage employees to “stay the course” in the midst of turbulence

ATYLA’s Team Building Retreats and Corporate Training Trips include:

  • Room and overnight board for up to 16 people
  • Exclusive use of the ship’s facilities, including our 100m2 deck, outdoor and indoor sound system, and 60” flat screen television in the living room
  • Voluntarily participation in all the ship’s activities (watches, manoeuvres, maintenance, cooking, cleaning...)
  • The chance to proudly fly your company’s flag from ATYLA’s mast
  • Optional customised workshops from our Coach on Board
  • The option to do a public/private reception on the ship on the arrival port to present your company and/or to show the results of your experience

Prices start from 1500€ per day

Book a retreat on board ATYLA and watch as your team pulls together and sets sail towards success!

Please get in touch and we will design a package suited to your company's needs.

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