Bilbao – Coruña

Embarkation: 9th of September at 17:00 — Bilbao
Disembarkation: 13th of September at 10:00 — Coruña

In short:
One of the only 2 trips we’re going to do this year. With special measures to prevent corona infections (fever measuring, alcohol gel, reduced availability…) but with the same spirit of adventure. Sailing both along the coast and on the open sea.

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Embark Atyla and sail away on the same day! After meeting the crew and your fellow shipmates, we will make our way down the Bilbao estuary and sail towards the sea to begin our trip.

Because we have plenty of time, next to lots of lovely sailing days, we will also have time to make one or two anchor stops along the way. We can even go for a swim around the ship somewhere in the beautiful "Costa Cantábrica".

If the wind allows it, we might even go east first, anchor at Donosti (San Sebastian) and have a swim in the middle of the La Concha beach before continuing west.

But in any case, this is definitely going to be a very pleasant trips. With high chances of west winds, which will push us towards our destination, and allow us to keep the engine off during most of the trip, while enjoying the view of the coastline.

We'll arrive to Coruña, in Galicia, on the 12th of September, and we'll have one last night in the city to go out for dinner with all the crew and celebrate the end of this fantastic adventure.

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